DermPro is a physician-owned National skin pathology laboratory serving the needs of anyone who performs biopsies of skin, hair, or nails including dermatologists, plastic surgeons,podiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other providers who perform skin biopsies.

With DermPro, you get the most precise diagnosis.

The expertise of a dermatopathologist is your best chance at a clear diagnosis, making us an integral extension of your practice. Our experience speaks for itself, having read hundreds of thousands of dermatopathology cases in the last decade.

When it comes to skin, subtleties matter. And as dual board certified dermatologists and dermatopathologists, we are experts in detecting them.

The experts at DermPro bring an incredible depth of knowledge and a passion for uncovering the precise diagnosis for every patient.

Holding the highest level of training in skin disorders helps our physicians:

  • Distinguish between similar dermatology conditions
  • Identify a precise diagnosis
  • Provide clinical insight that assists you in selecting the most effective treatment for your patients
  • Understand the clinical and pathological patterns of less common skin conditions such as erythema annulare centrifugum, pityriasis rubra pilaris, and systemic lupus erythematous

Only a fraction of what a general pathologist sees everyday is skin pathology. At DermPro, 100% of our time is devoted to skin pathology. With more extensive experience and a personal, consultative approach, we are ideal partners to ensure accurate diagnoses of skin conditions.

Meet our experts

You’ll always get 24/7 access to DermPro dermatopathologists and swift turnaround times.

Giving you accurate information quickly so you can create a roadmap to improve the health of your patients—that’s our promise to you.

  • We deliver results within 24 hours upon specimen receipt, in most cases. Results are available by EMR interface, online web portal, fax, and hard copy.
  • We offer personalized service and anytime access to our Lab Director, Dr. Samir Patel.

When you’re committed to the best patient care, waiting isn’t an option.

Rapid results reduce patient anxiety. And when your patients are happy, your practice benefits.

It takes more than knowledge to be a physician-preferred dermatopathology lab.

We view ourselves as guides. We have accurately identified countless skin disorders, so we know the terrain, what to look for, where to go next—and we want to help. A passion for top-notch patient care drives us to take every possible step to uncover a precise diagnosis. We bring compassionate expertise to every case.

Our skin pathology laboratory director, Dr. Patel, is skilled in both advising clinicians and empathizing with patients’ needs—skills he employs daily at The Dermatology Group. Meet Dr. Patel >

We are at the leading edge of our field, training future dermatologists.

Making a difference in this field compels us to pursue excellence in everything.For us that means teaching dermatology residents to further their knowledge of dermatopathology and to prepare them for the board exams.

When it comes to your patients, accept nothing less than diagnostic excellence.

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